Onda Road

Via Boccioni 13, Praia a Mare

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Onda Road


Overview of Hostel

Here at Onda Road Beach our duty is not over after renting you a bed. We won't be happy until we make sure you feel part of the family and feel at home. Our goal is to make you enjoy your time in Calabria.

The hostyle is located just a few metres from a beautiful beach, that offers you a range of

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I-M P O R T A N T: you MUST let us know the train arrival time or if you are driving the expected arrival time, because you need to book your check in!

The easiest way to get to Calabria is by train.
from Rome Termini station take the intercity going to REGGIO CALABRIA at 12.39
from Naples you can take any train going to PAOLA or COSENZA (trains run every 2 hours!)
In all cases you have to get off at
PRAJA-ajeta-tortora train station

the hostel provides a free pick up service only when you let us know (by email or phone) the exact time of arrival at least one day in advance!.

Located near

The world tallest Jesus Christ statue in M A R A T E A is just 15 km from the hostel, trains and buses run every hour to go and come back! Also the famous Arcomagno beach in San Nicola is only 20 minutes walk!

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

Cancellation notice is strictly 48 hours before expected arrival. No cancellations allowed in august. price does NOT include: city tax lounge chairs on the beach For reservation in AUGUST you MUST confirm your reservation 48 hours before your arrival, to avoid overbooking situations.